Quality Italian Produce

Quality Italian Produce

welcome to La Locanda

A bowl of freshly-cooked Zuppa de Pesce, an authentic Italian fish stew. A bowl of mussels, a bowl of fresh Italian tomatoes and a plate with fresh prawns alongside, all on top of a white linen tablecloth

authentic italian dining in lancashire

A multi-award-winning, traditional Italian restaurant nestled in Lancashire’s wonderful Ribble Valley.

Full of original, rustic charm, La Locanda’s owners Maurizio and Cinzia Bocchi will take you to the heart of Italian cuisine, serving you authentic, seasonal recipes that go back generations.

“Our promise is to provide you with a truly Italian experience that gives you a flavour of the tradition, culture and hospitality of the place we are so proud to call our home”.

Buon Appetito!”
Cinzia and Maurizio

Italian chef Maurizio Bocchi making fresh pasta by hand

An award-winning experience in Lancashire

You’ll hear time and time again that La Locanda serves the ‘best Italian food outside Italy’. Highly regarded for its commitment to slow food, sourcing the best quality local produce and specialising in pure, authentic Italian cuisine.

La Locanda continue to receive five star reviews, numerous awards and accolades (and is the UK’s most awarded Italian restaurant outside of London). The award they are most proud of is the Ospitalità Italiana (La Locanda has been an annual recipient of this award since 2010) – a certification that highlights the best Italian restaurants around the world, those which seek to defend and protect Italian cuisine and preserve its history, culture, quality and authenticity.

La Locanda can also be found in Harden’s Guide – Click here for a summary of other previous awards and accolades.

Agrichef On Wheels

Join Chef Maurizio as he travels across Lancashire by motorbike; to cook in the great outdoors on location visiting local suppliers to showcase their wonderful produce. 

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