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A Coffee Killer

Ammazzacaffè (coffee killer) is a small glass of liqueur that’s usually consumed after coffee, to dull its taste or reduce the effects of the caffeine. This is a popular custom in Italy, especially following a generous meal. This drink is also referred to as a digestif, an alcoholic beverage to aid digestion after a meal.


‘Resentin’ – a relatively common practice in the north of Italy, even at lunch time, is to rinse out your empty coffee cup with a strong liqueur, usually Grappa, and then drink it down. Round off your meal and enjoy these Italian traditions with us at La Locanda. You can choose from our list of specially selected and imported liqueurs, as well as an excellent choice of very high quality grappas.


Amaretto di Saronno (28% Vol): The most famous amaretto – £3.50

Anima Nera (21% Vol): “Black soul” A liquorice liqueur from the Dolomite region: £3.50

Averna (29% Vol): Made from a balanced blend of herbs and spices – a great digestive from Sicily – £3.50

Frangelico (20% Vol): Irresistibly nutty hazelnut liqueur – £3.50

Fernet Branca (39% Vol): Rich digestive, bitter with herbs and spices – £3.95

Galliano L’Autentico (42.3% Vol): A blend of exotic herbs and plants – £4.25

Galliano Ristretto (30% Vol): A deep and intense Espresso liqueur, using a special blend of coffee beans – £3.95

Mirto (30% Vol): A traditional Sardinian liqueur using the leaves and berries of the Myrtle plant – £3.50

Myrtil (24% Vol): Also popular in Sardinia, overflowing with the taste of delectable bilberries – £4.25

Nocino (40% Vol): A wonderfully intense walnut liqueur – £3.95

Olia del Garda (40% Vol): A delicious infusion of olives in grappa, from an ancient recipe invented on Lake Garda – £4.45

Ratafia Sette Vite (20% Vol): Hand-crafted with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine, aged three years in oak barrels – £3.95

Sambuca Bianca (40% Vol): The famous aniseed flavoured liqueur – £3.50

Strega (40% Vol): Produced since 1860, this is a liqueur with around 70 herbal ingredients – £3.95

Vecchia Romagna (40% Vol): An Italian brandy appreciated the world over that’s distilled from premium grapes and aged in oak barrels – £3.95


Anfora (43% Vol) – £6.95
Marzadro – Trentino Alto Adige
Refined in terracotta amphorae, soft and rounded taste.

Amarone (41% Vol) – £6.95
Marzadro – Trentino Alto Adige
Refined for 36 months in barriques, delicate and harmonious.

Chardonnay (45% Vol) – £4.95
Marzadro – Trentino Alto Adige
Refined for 36 months in barriques, very intense and elegant.

Gewürztraminer (41% Vol) – £4.95
Marzadro – Trentino Alto Adige
Refined for 36 months in barriques, rich and aromatic.

Le Diciotto Lune (41% Vol) – £5.95
Marzadro – Trentino Alto Adige
Refined for 18 months in barriques, harmonious and intense.

La Trentina Morbida (41% Vol) – £4.45
Marzadro – Trentino Alto Adige
Blend of 4 vines, delicate and long-lasting.

La Trentina Tradizionale (41% Vol) – £3.95
Marzadro – Trentino Alto Adige
Traditional grappa. Blend of 4 vines, intense with character.

Grappa di Brunello (42% Vol) – £6.95
Col D’Orcia – Toscana
Fresh and intense aroma with mellow taste.

Grappa di Primitivo (40% Vol) – £4.95
F.lli Giannandrea – Puglia
Complex and evolved flavour with intense bouquet

Grappa di Prosecco (40% Vol) – £4.95
Bortolomiol – Veneto
Refined 18 month in barriques, with rounded taste and gentle bouquet

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La Locanda, Marketing Lancashire, Taste Lancashire award winner 2015
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La Locanda, Marketing Lancashire, Taste Lancashire award winner 2016

Ospitalità Italiana

An initiative which aims to certificate the best Italian restaurants all over the world. “Marchio Ospitalità Italiana” seeks to defend and protect Italian cuisine from adulteration and falsification, and preserve its history, culture, quality and authenticity. La Locanda has been an annual recipient of this award since 2009 and, in England, we are currently one of only 12 restaurants outside of London to be awarded it.